About Us

At the moment Paddle Active is a team of me, Mike Spencer (owner, paddlesport coach and tea maker), my wife Clair (spell checker, moral guidance counsellor and coffee maker) and our daughter Lexie (wearer of all things pink and awesome giggler).

I have been working in the outdoor industry for 22 years and, along with Paddle Active, I am also the Senior Outdoor Education Instructor Operations at Lochore Meadows Outdoor Education Centre, Technical Advisor for Fife Council and Edinburgh College.

Paddlesport-wise, I hold a variety of bits of paper ! UKCC Level 1 and 2 Temporary Tutor, FSRT Provider, 4 star WW Kayak Leader assessor, BCU level 4 Kayak Coach, BCU Level 3 Open Canoe Coach and UKCC Level 3 Core Training.

My focus when coaching is on developing individuals to become efficient, accurate and consistent paddlers. I will ensure that your paddling develops into smooth and flowing techniques making your live easier on the water.I have a passion for coaching and a wealth of experience to pass on!